Have you ever needed to visit the service desk at your local Walmart only to discover that it’s not open.

I know, that seriously sucks if you need to make a return, get a money order, cash a check, or just get some help with something related to the store.

Well, my aunt Robin has spent 20 years working at the Walmart customer service desk in our town, so I took the time to learn all that there is to know about the Walmart Service Desk.

Below, I’ll share what I discovered so that you know when to access the service desk at your own local Walmart store.

What Time Does The Walmart Service Desk Close This Year?

With all of the recent changes and uncertainty in the world, I know that you need the latest information that is up to date.

So, here it is –

For 2021, the Walmart Service Desk closes between the hours of 8pm and 10pm. The exact closing time varies by location, so it’s best to get there before 8pm.

Do keep in mind that many things you can do at the service desk, you can also do at one of the regular checkout lanes.

So, if you show up and the service desk is closed at your local Walmart, just ask an associate at a checkout lane if they can help you – you just might be surprised!

What Are Walmart Service Desk Hours Near Me?

Got something urgent that you need to take care of at the Walmart service desk near you?

As a general rule of thumb, the service desk at Walmart stores opens up at 8am and closes sometime between 8pm and 10pm.

Usually they are open for the duration of store hours.

Since the hours can vary by exact location, I recommend that you use the Walmart Store Finder to locate your nearest Walmart store and check their store hours.

The best thing you can do is ring them up and ask the hours for the service desk specifically, just to be sure.

What If The Walmart Service Desk Is Closed?

Inevitably, you will show up at Walmart and find no one at all working the service desk.

Keep in mind that if no one is at the service desk when you arrive at Walmart, just ask any team member to call for an associate to assist you at the service desk.

What Time Does Walmart Close?

Across the U.S., store closing times vary by location.

It’s rare these days to find the 24-hour Walmart stores, with those open the latest closing at 11pm.

However, 10pm is the most common closing time for Walmart stores.

When Do Other Walmart Services Close?

Need to do a few other things while visiting your local Walmart?

For your vehicle needs, like new tires or an oil change, most Walmart Auto Service Centers close at 7pm and open at 7am.

For Walmart Pharmacies, expect hours to be 9am to 7pm from Monday through Saturday, with Sunday hours being 10am to 6pm.

For those of you who need some money, the Walmart Money Centers tend to be open from 8am to 8pm from Monday through Saturday, with Sunday hours being 10am to 6pm.

For more opening times of Walmart services, check out our guide on what time Walmart stops cashing checks.

Final Word

As you can see, most Walmart Service Desk have the same hours as the Walmart store opening and closing times.

But if you want to be sure before you head out, just give your local Walmart a call to confirm their hours for the service desk.

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