If you’re shopping online for a gift for someone at Target, then you may be curious if you can get that gift wrapped.

Yes, Target does offer gift wrapping.

Below we’ll give you all the info you need to know about getting a gift wrapped at Target.

Target Store Gift Wrapping Options

The most important thing to know about Target’s gift wrapping is that it is available all year long, not just for the holidays.

But, this is only available for online orders scheduled for delivery.

You cannot pickup an order in the store and have it gift wrapped.

This is because Target stores do not offer this as an in-store service.

How Much Is The Cost For Target To Wrap Gifts?

If you are ordering something from Target.com that needs to be gift wrapped, then you need to know that this is not a free service.

Target wraps gifts for a cost of $5.99 per item that needs to be gift wrapped.

So, if you order several gifts in a single order, then you have to pay that $5.99 fee multiple times.

How To Order Gift Wrapping At Target

It is really easy to order gift wrapping at Target when you’re shopping online at Target.com.

Once you have everything in your online cart and you’re ready to checkout, this is when it’s time to order the gift wrapping.

  • Look for the option to select “My order contains a gift” and mark that box.
  • At checkout, look for the “Gift Options” section, where you can leave a note for the gift recipient.
  • Look for the option to select “Wrap for $5.99” and mark that box.
  • Complete order by clicking “Place Your Order”

It is important to note that gift wrapping cannot be added after you complete checkout – it must be done BEFORE you complete the checkout.

What Items Can’t Be Gift Wrapped At Target?

You should also know that not all items are eligible for gift wrapping.

Items not eligible for gift wrapping at Target.com:

  • Items not sold and shipped by Target (third-party Target partner sellers)
  • Oversize items that ship in original packaging (like air fryers)

Does Target Wrap Registry Items?

Yes, Target does gift wrapping for registry items.

This includes both Target baby registry items and Target wedding registry items.

However, you need to remember to select at checkout that you want the item gift wrapped.

Does Target Wrap Gifts In-Store?

No, you cannot get a gift wrapped in your local Target store.

The only way have a gift item wrapped after purchases is by ordering it online at Target.com and choosing ‘delivery’ as your shipping option.

What Does Target Gift Wrapping Look Like?

The wrapping paper that they use for gift wrapping at Target varies, but you can rest assured that it looks classy.

Here’s a example direct from Target of what they’re gift wrapping looks like:

Final Word

As you can see, it is possible to get your purchases gift wrapped at Target – but only when you are ordering online at Target.com.

And, there is a chance that you’re ordering something that cannot be gift wrapped.

If you do want to use Target’s gift wrapping option, the cost will be $5.99.

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