Running a barbershop is quite interesting as you get to meet and socialize with all sorts of people. 

This can be advantageous for business as you can exploit the situation to increase the revenue you generate regularly.

You can increase profits in a barbershop by selling other products as well, despite offering barber services.

If you are interested in making more money from a barbershop besides shaving, the following are the best fast-selling merchandise ideas to sell in your barbershop.


Clippers make a great sell in a barbershop.

Even though most people come to a barbershop with their clippers, when their clippers need to be replaced, they will choose to purchase from your barbershop.

Clients find it easier to trust their barber to assist them to make a better decision when choosing a good clipper.

So, clippers are a great product to sell in your shop, considering that you will make quite a good number of sales, especially if your clients trust your recommendation.

Clipper Blades

Clipper blades are another fast-moving item that can easily be sold in a barbershop.

Clipper blades get damaged or blunt after extreme usage, which means that they need to be replaced occasionally.

If you haven’t noticed yet, there is hardly any ordinary barbershop that doesn’t retail clipper blades. It is undeniably a good product to sell in your barbershop.

Barbing Apron

In this crazy time and era of the pandemic, people don’t want to share items.

Therefore, it is a great idea to stock barbing aprons, both for children and adults.

Making use of personal barbing aprons is highly essential and exclusive as it relates to individual hygiene.

While searching for a good product idea to retail in a barbershop, don’t hesitate to have barbing aprons in your shop.

The good thing about today’s generation of customers is you can convince them through marketing.  

If they see the reason is worth it why they need the product, they won’t hesitate to go for it.

Clipper Bags

Clipper bags are also a good product to sell in a barbershop, considering that it’s a matching addition to the clipper.

Furthermore, it comes in handy in the carriage and storage of clipper accessories.

Typically, new clippers usually come packed in cartons and they aren’t durable, hence the need for having clipper bags.

The benefits of using a clipper bag is that it helps preserve clippers and makes it safe to carry them around.

If you sell clippers, then people who definitely buy clippers from you will buy clipper bags from your barbershop as well.

Brushes and Hair Combs

If you are looking for a profitable product to retail in your shop, one great idea is to sell brushes and hair combs.

No barber can trim hair without making use of hairbrushes or combs, but if you have clients that prefer owning personal clippers, it is simply appropriate to also make use of private hair combs and brushes.

Shaving Preparations and Shaving Powders

Another booming product to sell in a barbershop is shaving powders, including shaving grooming accessories.

A majority of people prefer to have clean shaves without using clippers.

So, the powder plus its accessories will make a good sale. And will always need to be replenished, meaning you will have recurring sales.

Several leading shaving powder brands can be stocked in your shop and would attract serious sales.

You can rest assured that you are going to make a profit from this product idea because, on average, guys that use shaving powder do use it frequently; once or twice a week.


How would a barbershop not sell good quality aftershaves? It is yet another fast-selling product that could be a good addition to your shop.

Aftershaves help prevent bumps that can form as a skin reaction to the shaving of the hair. It also provides freshness.

There is undoubtedly a high demand for quality aftershaves and if your product shelves are well stocked with different fragrances, you will make good sales over time with this product.

Apart from selling to retail customers, you can also supply aftershaves to other barbershops around you to whatever distance you are comfortable delivering without interfering with your profits.

Face/Talcum Powders

Another common product idea that makes a great sell in a barbershop is talcum powder.

Talcum powder is used to give a clean shave while using clippers to shave and is also used in the removal of hair on the neck, face, and other parts one would wish to shave.

Face powder is a unique product that will uplift the look and general outlook of your barbershop.

Without a doubt, it is a fast-moving item.

Hair Cream

Hair cream is another product you shouldn’t miss in your barbershop. Hair cream is used regularly and people will find it convenient to purchase the cream from their favorite barbershop.  

The advantage is, the product is commonly used by barbers, so you can also sell it to other barbershops around you.

If you would wish to have hair creams in your shop, be sure to stock popular brands as this makes for a quick sale to increase revenue over time.

Shampoos and Hair Relaxers

Another product idea to consider if you want to make more revenue in your barbershop is hair relaxers and shampoo.

These products, apart from being used daily, most people who don’t want to visit barbershops often would prefer to purchase their shampoos and use them at home if need be.

Sale of Hand Mirrors

Hand mirrors will make a good add-on to your barbershop’s list of sales collections.

Think about it; no one can efficiently shave without using a mirror. Hand mirrors go hand in hand with clippers as personal grooming accessories.

It only confirms that if your client buys personal clippers, they will likely purchase mirrors as well.

Sale of Natural and Synthetic Perfumes

Natural and synthetic fragrances are a good product idea that you can retail in a barbershop.

As you can see, there are quite several great product ideas that you can consider while thinking of products to sell in a barbershop.

If you are thinking of products you can sell in a barbershop, it means you seriously want to improve the revenue you are earning from your shop.

It is best to understand your clients’ choice of product or preference to stock fast-moving items.

Understand their language of business, convince your customers about certain products that they wouldn’t know are important or beneficial to them.

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