“To continue learning is to embrace the process of trial and error at higher and higher levels”

Michael Gelb & Tony Buzan

It’s a fact. Over our lives we come across a huge amount of information and it’s impossible to take it all in. In the age of the internet its even more difficult. However, when it comes to learning it can literally pay to be able to recall it when we need it.

So why don’t we try to remember more? Basically, because we believe we can’t. First of all we can ~~(but thats another topic). Secondly we just need to know how to aid our mind.

The Basic Problem

Over time I have taken in so much about self improvement and business (as I’m sure you have), however, a vast majority eludes me now. It may have been irrelevent at the time but I feel some of it may be useful to me now. I just wish I could remember it… you know the feeling.

So, I have tested a new system for myself which ensures that you learn and understand better. It ensures you use it as wel. Finally it also means you have it available in the future to call upon. This basically sits well in my philosophy of finding stuff that it is simple AND works.

An Elegant Solution

The idea is basically to make a summary of anything you learn or read. You can decide how far to take it. Self-help books, fiction books, news stories, jokes. This will challenge your understanding and have the benefit of making sure it is in a language you can operate on and use.

The stage I’m at right now I just use it for stuff related to my immediate dreams. Its what I want to focus on, but I want to take it much further soon. I hope you can too, just imagine what you could achieve having everything you ever heard or read at your finger tips.

I put this summary on some flashcards. Just a few key points. Anything I perceive as having value or a possible value in the future. Thus I can build up a handy reference which is easily memorable. Of course you can do this on the computer, but I’m still very much a pen and paper man.

For example I have a card like this:

(front of card) ... then (on the back) ...

* realize the power of this word
* use it as much as possible in your mind and speech
* say it with stress and power
* use it to create energy

Now, I have a stack of flashcards which I can easily review and it brings the whole subject back. Its a constant reminder and refresher course.

Every day the power of this resource grows and becomes more valuable. The more you use it the more powerful it becomes. Can you imagine the value of the information you would build up in a year, or how about in 5? Its huge… and you can do it AND remember it.

If you wonder if this is really worthwhile, just ask yourself if you truly think there is 1 magic key to everything. If your answer is “no”, then you need something like this as you build up new habits and the knowledge to be your destiny.

If you answered “yes” then just write that one thing down and live it. If you feel like adding more at a later stage then its ok. I hope I will give you a few things, so make sure to check back in at this website 🙂

The Task:

Get a pack of flashcards – use them to remember anything you learn that you value or could find a way to value in the future. You must write down 1 thing a day for a month and at the end of the month review them all. Then decide if its for you.

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