Founded in 2008 in Oakland, Plaid Friday is a national movement to support independent businesses during the busiest shopping day of the year - and have fun while you do.

Oakland native Mark Curry invites you to eat, shop, and explore Oakland Grown!

The plaid symbolizes the weaving together of individual small businesses to create a strong community fabric that celebrates diversity, creativity, and unique offerings. 

Now three days long, Oakland's Plaid Friday Weekend is the perfect way to shop, stroll, and indulge with your loved ones while exploring our many vibrant business districts and artisan wares.  

Get in the spirit and gear up for Plaid Friday Weekend!

Buy some plaid from local shops - click on the item you like and shop away:

Oakland Grown Concierge Service

Need help finding the perfect gift? Let us know what you have in mind and our elves will pull some levers, sprinkle some magic dust, and churn out a suggestion list of products found right here from Oakland's independent businesses, makers, and artists. 

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Still not fun enough for you? Jeez, okay... 


We'll give away $250 in gift certificates to our favorite Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook post that tags #PFWOak between Nov. 24-26. What does "favorite" mean? Dunno... just embrace utter subjectivity. The lucky winner will be contacted by Nov. 31st through social media. 

* We may retweet, post, or otherwise publicize your submission, so make sure you're fine with your boss, parents, kids, exes, and Judgy Judgersons seeing it.


Big thank yous are in order!

First and foremost, a shout out to Kira Pascoe. Have you ever tried to herd 200 cats? Don't. Just call Kira, because she's a champion at community organizing. Next, we can't say enough about the support we've gotten from the City of Oakland's Economic Development Agency. Harry Hamilton and Aliza Gallo are the grooviest, and generous with time and resources. A tip of the hat to the East Bay Express for design assistance and discounted marketing to support our outreach. Last but not least, thanks to OUR MEMBERS who fund our work. Oakland Grown spends over 20 hours a week for six months to produce this event free of charge for the whole community. Love Oakland? We sure do.