In the best-case scenario, car magnets will strengthen the foundation for your small business in your niche. In the worst-case scenario, someone will steal the magnet. 

Some small businesses report receiving calls from car magnets. Some never received a call. But if a car magnet worked for one business, then car magnets work.

Car magnets, wraps, decals and billboards, all do the same job. They promote your brand. This article explores how car magnets promote small businesses at a small one-time fee and little maintenance.

Why Use Car Magnets For Advertising Your Business? 

There’s no reason not to use a car magnet. It’s cheap, effective, and flexible. With $60, you can get two quality and durable car magnets.

A car magnet is ideal for you if:

  1. You want to use your family car to advertise your business. You are looking for something so temporary that you can take off during family hours. And put it back on during business hours.
  2. You are not ready to make a big commitment like decals or a wrap. Maybe you want to experiment.
  3. Your marketing budget is low. Or, maybe you want to supplement your marketing strategy.
  4. You run multiple businesses. You probably want to switch your ads as needed.

Car Magnets For Marketing Your Small Business

Car magnets are the most flexible and cost-effective vehicle advertising option.  

You might not receive any call from your car magnet on the first day, first week, or even the first six months. That’s because car magnets are not ideal for generating short-term sales.  

Instead, car magnets are a long-term strategy to grow your small business. They are an investment in your business reputation. 

Every time that people see your brand, they become more familiar with your brand. Based on the mere exposure effect, psychologists suggest that people prefer things they are familiar with. 

Brands Use Car Magnets To Increase Awareness 

When Orlando City developed a new logo, they used car magnets to familiarize fans with the new logo. When the car magnets were only an idea, it seemed crazy. But the marketing and social media teams worked to make the logo magnets a sensation. 

 “It’s just pure genius,” an Orlando City fan told Orlando Sentinel.” You can take it, you can move it, you can share it. And now they’re everywhere. . . . It gives you such pride to see the logo all over the place.” 

Palm Beach town is also too familiar with the effect of car magnets. The town used car magnets to sensitize social distance and wearing masks. As the Deputy Town Manager, Boodheshwar, told Palm Beach Daily News, “Car magnets create a constant visibility,”

Soon after the town sent out alerts that the car magnets are up for grabs, everybody wanted one. It was part of the town’s plans to place coronavirus issue in front of the residents’ minds. 

Similarly, car magnets are an excellent way to put your business in front of everyone’s mind.

Professional Car Magnets Legitimize Your Business

When you meet your client in your family car, it won’t hurt business. But if you meet a client with a branded car, you seem more professional. Whether the logo is on a magnet or decals, you seem serious with your business. This is a solid ground to do business with your clients.

The logo on your car gets your client in the mindset that they are dealing with the brand. Robert Cialdini calls this pre-suasion. It’s doing deliberate actions to make your client more receptive to your message. 

Vehicle Magnets Complement Other Marketing Strategies 

It’s best to use car magnets in conjunction with other marketing options within your budget like:

  • Social media posts and ads.
  • Discounts on referrals. 
  • Business cards, brochures, yard signs, etc.
  • Networking with clients and other businesses.

Car magnets are excellent for marketing a small business. But they also have some risks.

The Dark Side Of Car Magnets

  1.  A car magnet can ruin your business reputation (or build it). For example, with a mediocre car magnet, your market will assume that your business is mediocre. If you drive around carelessly or park carelessly, you harm your brand. Fortunately, you control these things. 
  2. Anyone can steal your magnet. It could be a competitor or just some crook. 
  3. Car magnets placed on the sides are notorious for flying off on highways. Experts recommend proper cleaning and drying before installing the magnet to avoid this. 
  4. Car magnets may appear cheesy. But creativity and a great design will distract anyone from the cost of your ad. 
  5. A car magnet might damage your paint if you don’t clean under the magnet regularly. 

How To Make Car Magnets Work For Your Business

With the average adult estimated to see over 4,000 ads in a day, the competition for attention is stiff. It doesn’t matter what platform you use. 

Here are a few tips for marketing your small business with car magnets.

A Killer Design

Every time a client sees your magnet, it’s a time to impress them. If it’s typical clipart, you will barely get attention. 

Design your car magnet to grab attention and stay memorable. Hire a graphic designer. Or give the design your best effort.

Please keep it simple with only the necessary details like Company Name, logo, phone number, and domain name.

If anyone can understand what you do within 3 seconds of skimming your magnet, it’s great. 

You can add a QR code that people will scan and land on your website.

Place A Magnet On The Rear 

Even though you will have a magnet on each side, have one in the rear too. Any driver behind you will read your magnet. They are the most likely to spend a lot of time analyzing the magnet. 

Park Where There’s Most Foot Traffic From Your Target Market.

If you run a lawn care company, park your car (with the magnet) outside your client’s home. Think of other areas where your ideal customers spend a lot of time. 

Stay Consistent

Every time you meet a client, have the magnet on your car. Even though you don’t receive calls from the magnet in a year, you will have exposed thousands to your brand. All this as you go about your daily business. 

Deliver On Your Promise

Marketing will get new clients to your door. But after that, it’s up to you to give your client their money’s worth.  


Car magnets are cheap enough to experiment with different designs and messages. An excellent way to track your leads is by asking the clients where they heard about you. Or, you can have a separate phone number for receiving calls from your magnet. 

Final Verdict: Do Car Magnets Work For Small Business Marketing?

Car magnets will get you new customers and remind your old customers that you’re still in business. But you can’t rely solely on car magnets to advertise your business. 

Their main advantage is increasing brand awareness. 

Before you get a car magnet, keep in mind that some cars are not magnetic. Plus, there may be legalities involved when advertising on your vehicle. Consult the necessary professionals for proper guidance.

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