Calculated Clothing

At Calculated Clothing, we are self-taught craftsman, designers, business professionals, graphic designers, and artist. We believe we are called to the task to provide quality, durable, and evolutionary clothing, not by accident but by a calculated purpose. Using our personalized skills and workmanship, we build by hand everything that makes a company special.
408 15th Street

Crown Nine

Kate Ellen's work is intended to look and feel handmade with rich textures that appear like archaeological discoveries dug up from the earth. She explores interpreting time honored traditions in jewelry making through her own aesthetic voice. Her Vow and Signature lines are two different forms of the same expression.
515 9th Street


Edgevale was founded in 2013 with a vision to bring work wear durability to outdoor apparel, and outdoor apparel technology to workwear with an emphasis on durability, comfort and a modern fit. We make versatile hard wearing apparel that's never hard to wear. Most of our product line is made right here in the United States. Cast Iron products are made in Los Angeles, CA from fabric that is woven in North Carolina. Button down shirts are made in Los Angeles, CA and San Francisco, CA. Technical outerwear products are made in Oakland, CA.  We are proud that our products are made near the natural surroundings and people that inspire them and that our workers are paid a fair wage. 

Eight + Sand

Eight + Sand offers two growing collections, Classic and Heritage. The classic collection consists of pieces that are carried long term. The heritage collection consists of limited run pieces. No seasonality. No fashion cycles. Made to honor craftsmanship. Designed to honor fit. Everything is manufactured in Oakland.

Field Day

We make timeless, impeccably crafted clothing from completely conscious materials that transcend trendy and were made to make history. We design for the women who inspire us. Field Day designs are flattering, comfortable, and made from reclaimed and locally-sourced materials.  Our entire line is designed, cut, sewn, dyed and finished in Oakland.
329 19th Street


GDS Cloth Goods

GDS was founded to provide ethical and sustainable alternatives to people who appreciate simple modern design. We believe that knowing the makers of our textile goods is as important as understanding the route of food from farm to table. By making products and facilitating workshops at the intersection of design, sustainability and community, it's our mission to contribute to the restoration of our environment and a more equitable fashion and textile industry.

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GURO Designs

Rolend Gumanas is an Oakland-based designer, specializing in the creation of handcrafted items made from salvaged materials of goods like denim, canvas, and leather. Gumanas works in her Downtown Oakland studio space, Werkshack, creating exclusive American handmade accessories, including: duffel bags, tote bags, plant hammocks, dopp kits, and leather key fobs. She visits local factories in search of salvaged materials that typically end up in a landfill and turns them into one-of-a kind, exclusive artisanal accessories.

Harumi K

I design pieces that transition easily from work to play with textural details and modern lines. My goal is to make women feel confident and stand out from the crowd with flattering and comfortable pieces, and I personally test drive each style before producing it. I believe in supporting domestic manufacturing to minimize our carbon footprint. I also often use fabric leftover from mills and mass production.



Hey Ma Goods Co.

We are a menagerie of art, apparel, and home accents for the magickal & inspired intersectional feminist in all of us. Made with moxie by Brittany Luby.

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Holly Bobisuthi

My work stems from the ancient tradition of ornament as expression of higher self. Each piece, hand fabricated from raw metal and powerful stones, is a unique gesture. Cultures rise and fall but their sacred adornments outlast the gods they were made to venerate. The desire to adorn is as old as humanity and is an impulse that deserves to be honored. Available for art direction and photo shoot styling, contact for inquiries.

Hygge Design

Compulsively wearable pieces, made in Oakland, designed to enjoy. hygge: the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s small pleasures.

Kali Made Garments

Kali Made Garments are designed with your unpredictable life in mind - refined styling infused with chill California vibes. Using both custom-made and found fabrics of the highest quality, these garments will mold to your body and get better with age. I believe that  true style is found within, and that your clothes should look and feel as good (if not better) in 20 years as they do now - every detail of every piece is considered with this core tenet in mind. The jackets and shirts are cut for movement and grace, and the true beauty is found in the everyday utility of the garments. 

King Bag Company

Inspired by the heritage and handicraft of historic King Kovers AUTO
upholsterers in Oakland, comes King Bag Company. Once destined for classic Buicks, Packards, Cadillacs, Mercurys, Fords and Chevys, new-old-stock seat covers and select yards of vintage upholstery have been given new life. ReUSED, reborn, and reincarnated into well-crafted, one-of-a-kind bags. Each bag is designed, hand-cut, and sewn in Oakland in small, very limited batches.

Lesley Evers

I just want to make clothing that is easy for you to wear to all places you go. I hope to help you feel comfortable and pretty and confident. And I hope you don't have to put too much thought into your clothing. There are so many better things to do than worry about what you are wearing or what you are going to wear. Love through your life—your friendships and family, your pets, nature, adventures, hobbies, and last but not least, your work. And if in some way my clothes are part of all of that—then lucky me.


Lotfi bags are designed by Sharareh Lotfi in San Francisco and produced in Oakland. Founded in 2011, Lotfi was originally conceived as a women’s clothing line. Following the birth of her daughter, Sharareh was drawn to the idea of creating a minimal, un-fussy carry-all that was practical without being boring. Using simple materials like canvas and cotton rope, Lotfi bags are designed for daily use with an eye to those details that elevate every-day staples into treasured objects.

Lyonhart Bags

All of the materials that go into making these bags are sourced locally and domestically when possible.  I use #10 waxed canvas from Martexin, a family business that has been producing the fabric since the 1800’s.  The liner fabric is surplus from the Carhartt factory. The sturdy, bridle weight leather used for handles and straps is US sourced and from a local California business.  The hardware is solid brass and comes from another family business in the Midwest. The bags are constructed with double seams for durability, and areas that get the most stress are reinforced with solid brass rivets. 
465 9th Street



Mamoo creates awe-inspiring bags for adventurous kids with stuff to do and places to go. We believe that kids should be ready to experience a big wide world full of wonder and possibility. Our bags are designed to stimulate their minds and imaginations, carry their most important things - and go with them on their journey. Each bag is made from premium 100% cotton textiles and handmade in Oakland. By keeping production local, we made a conscious decision to ensure the highest quality product and invest in our surrounding community.

Marisa Mason

In our Oakland shop we carry a number of lines including our in house collection which we make by hand in the store. Specializing in brass, silver, and gold jewelry. We hand carve all of our pendants, rings, bracelets, and earrings.
484 49th street, Suite D

Mercurious Jewelry

Mercurius Jewelry

Fine custom jewelry lovingly created one piece at a time.

We take joy in finding the spirit within metal, stone, and crystal to transform them into magical objects for you. All of our jewelry is designed and handmade onsite in Oakland, California. We make use of both time-honored techniques, such as lost wax casting, and new technology, like CAD and 3D printing.

In addition to exceeding the Green Business standards for waste reduction and resource conservation, we continuously innovate with new ways to conserve resources and increase efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of quality and service.

By Appointment Only
(510) 282-7399

Mira Blackman

Mira Blackman uses all natural, handmade and heritage textiles for her one of a kind clothing for women and men. Each piece is inspired by the textiles themselves and are often made without the use of patterns. Mira started sewing as a child in her home in Northern California. After years of travel and textile hoarding she finally began to share her stash. Thus her eponymous line was created. Like the textiles collected abroad, the silhouettes are inspired by traditional garments from around the world. Mira's clothing is textile forward, texture rich, designed to minimize waste, and honor the life of the fabric.

Moxie Metal

Alba Nelly Urbina is a Colombian-American jewelry designer and metal sculptor. Each of her pieces is hand-forged using traditional metal-smithing techniques in her Oakland, CA studio. Known for her bold use of texture and rich metals, Alba’s work is always imbued with an edgy sophistication.

Oakbrand USA

Oakbrand, USA is more than a clothing line. I can privide your services for small and commercial businesses, specializing in branding and business identity development, graphic design, custom logo design, digital mock-ups, illustration, screen printing, and custom apparel and merchandise. Woman owned and operated. Queer artists of color. A creative making a living in Oakland. Staying local and completely handmade!


Olivia A. Carter

Olivia A. Carter is an artist hailing from Fresno, California, in the very center of the San Joaquin Valley.  Themes in her work include the discussion of what makes a home, thought and memory through storytelling, light and dark represented as textures and patterns, and reminding herself to hope  She currently resides in Oakland but remains proud of her Central Valley roots. 

A skilled craftswoman, she is available for special projects including: custom leatherwork and repair, bookbinding, album artwork and layout, and event decor.

PCco. Handbags

PCco. Handbags uses premium leather and quality hardware. Our tailors are highly skilled, giving each PCco. Handbag quality structural and decorative stitching. Our bag charms are hand cardwoven in California at the PCco. Handbag design studio. PCco. leather feather charms and key chains are hand painted, cut, glued and stitched for long wear. We comb far and wide to locate embellishments for The Original American Collection with vintage sterling findings, authentic gems, bone, and glass beads.

Philippa Roberts

Philippa Roberts Jewelry has been handmade in California for over 20 years. Her clean lines, use of colorful stones, and timeless, classic style has stayed true throughout her years in business. “I love to hear from customers that my pieces are their favorite everyday jewelry, or they have been wearing one of my pieces for the past ten years.” Philippa’s jewelry studio shares space with her retail store, which she opened in Oakland, California in 2006.
4176 Piedmont Avenue
Oakland, CA 94611
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Plastic Foliage

The brainchild of oakland-based artist and maker Lauren Ebaugh, her designs incorporate clean lines with bold colors to make pieces that are both unique and versatile. Inspired by the long tradition of waste reduction and simple style lines of japanese apparel, these garments are created in the same spirit. Maximizing the use of the fabric to make a garment that is flattering on any body type. Each element is printed individually and the layout unfolds organically as more shapes are added. 

Platinum Dirt

Platinum Dirt is reputable clothing and accessories companies in Oakland, California. We specialize in offering unique products such as VIN jackets, jet packs, Shark bags, monkey bags and piranha cuffs. Our products are excellent for those who value uniqueness, style, comfort, versatility, and elegance. All our amazing products are made in Oakland using recycled vintage leather car seats as well as wool felt among other things. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding and fashionable products at fair prices to all our customers.

Rae Miler Art.JPG

Rae Miller Art

Fine artist with an eye for up-cycling. Custom denim, secular altars and meditative drawings. Visit my Store!

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Town and Country Mouse Design

Offering handmade, artist-designed fashion and home accessories. Combining clean, urban lines with natural, rustic, and found materials, this unique collection of one-of-a-kind and bespoke items features leather bags and boxes, paper & woven wire lights, and other quirky and surprising objects. All items are designed and made by artist Gina Telcocci in her West Oakland studio. The hallmarks of Gina's designs are a contemporary sensibility combined with appreciation and respect for traditional techniques, and the importance of making by hand. Sophisticated designs, excellent craftsmanship, and quality materials distinguish everything she makes.Town & Country Mouse Designs are one-of-kind functional designs for humans, elegantly at home in the city or the country.