Shop Oakland Grown this Holiday Season!
Plaid Friday Weekend: Nov. 24-26

The national movement, Plaid Friday, was founded right here in Oakland. The Plaid theme represents the weaving together of Oakland's creative and diverse community of small business owners, their shops and products, to create a strong and beautiful fabric.

Plaid Friday is the more relaxing, enjoyable, and inspired shopping alternative to the big box “Black Friday” experience. It is designed to promote the many social and economic benefits of spending your time and your dollars with independently-owned businesses on the busiest shopping day of the year (and all season long).

Commercial business districts and individual merchants, restaurants, bars, service providers, artists, and artisans across the Oakland are participating with lively entertainment, holiday decor, sales and extended hours, special events, pop-ups, gift wrapping, free parking, and lots of love for their local community. Check it out! 

Oakland native Mark Curry invites you to Shop Oakland Grown for the holidays!

Meet Kerri, the co-founder of Plaid Friday and the owner of Marion + Rose Find Goods in Old Oakland. She'll explain what Plaid Friday is all about... 

What is Plaid Friday Weekend all about? Founder Kerri Johnson breaks it down for you!

Oakland Grown is proud to lead the Plaid Friday Weekend campaign with the support of the City of Oakland, East Bay Express, Visit Oakland, and Townsquared.