One-Stop Gift Shops

It's pretty much too late to order online. You're running out of time to shop around. You lost track of the days. Panic is starting to set in. 

Don't worry. You're not alone. And, we've got you covered with last minute shopping spots at Oakland's independent businesses! Also, don't miss our blog post about where you can park and shop within a couple blocks and (frantically) find something for everyone on your list! 

1444 Broadway &
3419 Fruitvale Avenue

Oaklandish is a great one-stop shopping destination. They have baby and youth items; men, unisex, and women options; fun stocking stuffers; Oakland-branded shirts for out-of-town relatives; professional sports fandom; accessories like hats and socks; pet collars; and other gift items of varying price ranges. 


Laurel ACE Hardware
4024 MacArthur Boulevard

Hardware store? You betcha! Did you know that ACE Hardware stores are locally-owned and independently operated? Yep, true. And, they carry a wide variety of products that make great gifts such as cooking supplies, camping gear, games for kids, arts and craft supplies, holiday-themed collectables, candles, electronics, home décor, assorted candies, bird and pet supplies, plants, and so much more! 


Rockridge Market Hall
5655 College Avenue

You can't go wrong with fancy food as gifts. Everyone eats. At Rockridge Market Hall, you can buy coffee beans, packaged foods, wine and bubbly, olive oils, seasonal fruits, sauces, spices, chocolates and candies, cheeses and breads, kitchen wares, gift baskets, desserts, flowers, and more. 


Marion + Rose Fine Goods
461 9th Street

There's something for everyone at this well-appointed shop of American-made goods. They have purses, blankets, candles, mugs, art, jewelry, linens, pillows, diffusers, books, chocolates, wall hangings, stocking stuffers, and more. They even have a great selection of holiday cards, so it won't look you don't know how to do Christmas. 


Nathan & Company
4025 Piedmont Avenue
& 5636 College Avenue

You can run through here randomly grabbing as you head to the counter and come out with amazing basket full of gifts. Or, take your time and really experience this classic gift shop. There are so many cool items to pick from, plus the second floor has kitchen items that make amazing gifts. We like this shop if you're on a budget, especially. They have a lot of options in all price ranges. So if you have a big family, lots of friends, or office to shop for, this is a great choice. They carry cute, funny, risqué, fancy, practical... everything.

Urban Indigo
3339 Lakeshore Avenue

They made this handy video to make our jobs easier. A great selection of gifts, including some nicer and more intimate gift items for moms and lovers. Home decor, apparel, kids stuff, dust collectors, and holiday cards. This is another great shop if you have a lengthy list of people to buy for and want to find the perfect gift for each one.


2054 Mountain Boulevard

This unique shop carries environmental friendly, sustainable gift items. Does their ethics limit their selection? NO! They have a store full of amazing (guilt-free) gift items for men, women, and kids. They even carry office/desktop products for your boss or the work-aholics in your life. They also carry playful, DIY, and creative gift items, especially for kids and youth. And, their kitchen items are just lovely!