Corporate Gifts

We've been getting Concierge Service inquiries about gifts for clients, donors, bosses, and employees. Here is a starter guide, but contact our service for other ideas! 

Umami Mart is an amazing Japanese-inspired kitchen/home boutique in Old Oakland. It's hip, yet sophisticated and high quality. They have a lot of good options, but we'll link you directly to their holiday gift guide here:

Marion + Rose Find Goods has so much great stuff! Here is a gift option from their shop that we love:

Endorfin Chocolates is located in West Oakland (we've toured their warehouse). It is truly artisanal, each flavor is delicious, and it has a great story. We've given these as corporate gifts in the past and it was loved.

Oaktown Spice Shop is a fun gift idea. You really can't go wrong with quality spices. They have some gift boxes that look amazing:

Rockridge Market Hall has some food baskets that represent Bay Area California, which could be especially nice for out-of-town folks:

Peerless Coffee & Tea is fantastic and a pretty safe bet for gifting to anyone. Scroll down this page and see some great options:

Kampai Sake Box is a fun idea:

Local Food Adventures is wonderful and could be a truly memorable gift for a small team AND provide some team building. Consider gifting them a food tour of Rockridge:

Little Shop Artisan Box is an Alameda-based company that sources a lot of Oakland companies with their gift boxes. We don't typically recommend a company outside Oakland city limits, but they are a very good and convenient option that still supports the Oakland economy through their procurement:

Happy holidays, and happy gifting with local love and generosity! -- Oakland Grown