The Gift of Art

We've been getting questions through our Concierge Service about buying art as holiday gifts. We love art, so this is fun, but it's also a little complex. Art can be a truly meaningful and lasting gift if you do it right. Outside of finding a beautiful piece, consider the following:

Local art with a local story. Art that was made by someone in your hometown or the recipient's home town, and knowing about the artist, gives the gift a more meaningful story. Ask the artist to include an artist statement and information on the art piece. (This is also useful for insuring the art piece or reselling it at a later date.)

Aesthetics of the recipient. You may love a piece of art, and that's great. But, consider the tastes of the person you're buying for. Do they like art that's more folksy, modern, abstract, political, bright, bold? If you're not sure, think about the interior design of the home. Art doesn't need to match the couch, but you may want to let the environment that's housing the piece guide your choice. If you're still not sure, the simpler and smaller the better. 

Delivery, installation, framing. Try to think through gift giving art, especially larger pieces. There are independently-owned frame shops in Oakland that will not only frame (with helpful recommendations), but safely deliver, and professionally hang art pieces. Good framing is so important. It can really make the art piece shine, and also protect it from light/UV damage over time. You may want the recipient to pick their own frame, in which case, a gift certificate for these services is totally acceptable. 

Below are some resources to help you in buying art as a gift.

Finding art:
You can search for art, and then select Oakland, CA as the "shop location". 
You can search for upcoming art shows.
You can search for galleries and inspiration.

Our top picks of local full-service framers:
Galleria Scola
Panorama Framing

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