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Subject: Gift for (girl)friend

Message: Hey so I’m dating this girl who has a dachshund. She loves dachshunds, obviously. Any ideas?

Oakland Grown Concierge Service Suggestions:

Idea #1

Sew Images can take a photo of your (girl)friend's dog and sew it into a shirt, hat, Christmas stocking, dish towel, throw pillow cover, or maybe onto canvas to hang or display like a photo. See a sample below. This is a gift that they'll keep forever! 4172 Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, CA 94611. Call (510) 601-8739 or visit Tues. - Fri.. 10:00 - 6:00; Sat. 10:00-5:00, for more information or a demonstration.

Idea #2

If you're in town this Friday or Saturday, you can get some freebies at Grand Lake All About Pets. While you're there, they have these really badass leather dog collars that are made by local female firefighter, Chase Wilson. 

Grand Lake All About Pets
3335 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610 (map)
Fri (11/24), Sat (11/25): They are giving away assorted promotional dog goodies and warm cider for their people.

Idea #3

If your (girl)friend is like me, she probably wants to know what her dog's inner world is like. You could get a dog book from Laurel Books. They have this cool gift guide that has a dog selection. This one looks interesting for an animal lover: http://www.laurelbookstore.com/book/9780465096244

In fact, pretty much any dog book you can find online, they can order regardless if they carry it or not. They even offer a hand-delivery option if you're in downtown Oakland. 

Like the book idea, but not the book we picked? There is an Oakland company that will hunt down a book for you for pick up or delivery (and they only source from local, indie booksellers): https://loakl.com

Idea #4

Cole Hardware in Rockridge is doing pet photos with Santa on December 3. You can read about it here. It's $10 for a 5" x 7" photo, and that money goes to the Milo Foundation which is great. You can also head to the back, left-hand side of hardware store where there is a dog section with toys! If your (girl)friend is bad about picking up the dog poo and you want to send a (passive aggressive) message - we all know that person who just doesn't pick up the poo - the Business Buddy is a machine washable poo bag holder that's available in a variety of stylish colors. It's made by Jax and Bones, a California company that makes incredible, eco-friendly pet products right here in the United States. Cole Hardware: 5533 College Avenue, Oakland, CA 94618 View Map

Idea #5

Consider giving a cute coupon book for free play time, dog walks, and pet sitting. Being a dog parent is a full-time job. So simple, but sometimes it's really thoughtful to just offer a little help! 

I hope this gives you some fun ideas and is helpful! Have a great holiday with your lucky (girl)friend! 

Oakland Grown

[UPDATED 11/25/17]
Idea #6

Hi, we found these cute Dachshund holiday cards at Nathan & Co. in Rockridge today. They only came in box sets, not singles, and they say "Spread Cheer." See attached.