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Free Listing


Have a Maker business in Oakland? Submit a free listing.

This is a directory submission only. If you wish to receive all of the benefits of membership, go here for more info:

Scroll down to carefully review the criteria before submitting your free listing. Where asked for credit card information; you will only need to provide your email and address.

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Annual Oakland Maker memberships also receive annual membership to Oakland Grown.

Criteria for membership:

1. Your business manufactures goods at your facility/shop/studio in Oakland (not just prototypes or designs).
2. Your production process adds significant value and creativity to any raw materials sourced from outside the region. 
3. Your company operates and has a current business license in Oakland with 20 or fewer locations worldwide.
4. You intend for your company to be a primary income source for yourself and/or those employed (verses a hobby, for example).
5. The majority shares (%) of your company are held by owners that reside in Northern California.
6. Though some of your raw materials may come from outside the area, you endeavor to source ethically, sustainably, and locally whenever possible.
7. Though some of your production workers may reside outside the area, you endeavor to contract/hire ethically and locally whenever possible.

Oakland Makers reserves the right to accept or decline any free listing or membership application to our organization. 

For questions or more information, please email:

NOTE: Valid for one year and will not be updated during that time. You will not receive Oakland Grown or Oakland Makers membership benefits. You are not authorized to use the Oakland Grown or Oakland Maker logos, even if your business listing is accepted.