Who Can Join Oakland Grown

Oakland Grown is a membership organization for locally-owned, independent businesses, makers, and artists. We welcome Oakland businesses with a majority ownership residing in Northern California and with no more than 20 locations. We embrace triple bottom line values: People, Planet, and Profits.  

Who Can Join Oakland Makers

A sub-sect of Oakland Grown members may also join Oakland Makers. In addition to meeting Oakland Grown's membership criteria, you must: 

  • Manufacture goods at your facility/shop/studio in Oakland (not just prototypes or designs).

  • During production, add significant value and creativity to any raw materials sourced from outside the region.

  • Operate and have a current business license in Oakland.

  • Intend for your company to be a primary income source for yourself and/or those employed (verses a hobby, for example).

  • You endeavor to source ethically, sustainably, and locally whenever possible.

  • You endeavor to contract/hire ethically and locally whenever possible.

Benefits of Membership

1. Shift Dollars into Your Business.
Oakland Grown actively promotes your business to a targeted local audience. We do that through our brand campaigns, e-blasts, website, social media, press, events, networking, Plaid Friday, community and government partnerships, and more. We've been actively growing our network since our inception in 2008 - we put that reach to work for you! 

2. Shift Dollars into our Local Economy. 
Oakland Grown promotes buying, investing, and giving local through robust marketing campaigns, including social media, billboards, bus shelter signage, posters, decals, print and digital ads, community education, and other means. We are strongest when we grow together. 

3. Get Tools and Resources to Help You Grow
As a member, you will receive access to hundreds of business events, workshops, seminars, and networking events throughout the year, most of which are free. 

At most membership levels, you can get free, unlimited business advising from seasoned professionals across the country. Most members use an average of 5 hours of advising for each area of focus need.  

With membership, you can join a barter network with the cash set-up fee waived (a $279 value). Barter is an effective way to lower your cash costs of doing business and provide employees, clients and yourself with valuable perks.

4. Signature Annual Programs that Your Membership Would Support

Oakland Small Business Week - 85 workshops across Oakland, 3 awards events, and networking opportunities for thousands of Oakland's small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Plaid Friday & the Holiday Season - Hundreds of Oakland's independent businesses, makers, and artists offer special discounts and events during the business holiday shopping days of the year and throughout the season. Plaid Friday started here, and is now a national phenomenon.

Good Money Guide - We breakdown all of the sources of good/mission-driven money (capital) available to local businesses in an easy-to-digest guide. This is the only product of its kind in the country.

5. ...And More! View or download our Membership Kit.