My work is all about recharging connection with our communities and the natural world. I create pieces of value and hope for individuals, communities, future generations and hence society at large through work that is focused on the history and community of the place where it is installed. The work brings people together in both dialogue, physical engagement and interaction.


Aleksandra Zee

Oakland based Woodworker, Aleksandra Zee builds large and small scale intricate wooden wall hangings, headboards, and table tops. With a degree in Fine Arts, Zee has built a full time career in making art as a living. From trips to the desert, spending time in front of the ocean, and being out amongst the trees, Zee draws her inspiration from travel and being heavily rooted in the past. 

Amy Hamley Ceramics

Modern handmade porcelain tableware and home accents.

Atelier Dion

A small scale, custom ceramic design and production studio, owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Jay and Rie Dion.  Since 2011, they have been working with artists, designers, and small business owners to design and fabricate handmade ceramic pieces in Oakland. They strive to continue the tradition of potters serving a local community by building close relationships with their clients through their commitment to craftsmanship and local manufacturing. 

Bird vs. Bird Designs

Bird vs. Bird Designs brings you hand-crafted goods and modern illustration for bird watchers and nature lovers. Designed and produced in the heart of Oakland since 2008.

Caledonia Studios 

Caledonia Studios is a small company dedicated to building the finest handmade arts and crafts furniture in America. Tedd and his small team of craftsmen build a limited number of pieces per year. We belive in the ideals of form following function and honest construction techniques. What results is an heirloom quality piece of furniture, not a production piece.

CKim Design

Furniture design and building.

Doodles Ink

A graphic designer in the stationery, home decor, tabletop, and gift industry for over 10 years.

Easy Growin Designs

Easy Growin Designs

Easy Growin Designs creates and delivers custom succulent and air plant compositions throughout the Bay Area. We use colorful containers and unique easy to maintain plants. We sell air plants on their own and in the form of terrariums, living ornaments, living wreaths & living jewelry. We offer international shipping via our Etsy Shop.

Eric Blanpied Furniture

Eric Blanpied is a lifelong craftsman, and focuses on creating one-of-a-kind furniture that is both solidly functional and satisfying to live with. His work falls into two major categories: Sculptural, experimental forms combining metal and wood; and Classic, fine furniture built using traditional techniques. Eric enjoys working with a combination of reclaimed/scrap and new materials depending on the project. He is particularly careful about sourcing woods and tends to favor North American hardwoods that represent ethical forestry practices.

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Faery Wood Studios Pottery

Handmade wheel thrown and slipcast pottery that is fun and food safe.

Form & Reform

Furniture, lighting, and accessories created by Form & Reform celebrate the flexibility, durability, and simple beauty of iron. Form & Reform uses centuries-old blacksmithing techniques and modern processes to bring out the interesting textures, shapes, and finishes in the material. Each piece is designed by Jon Sarriugarte.

Freedom and Friends

Freedom and Friends began as a way to express ourselves using reclaimed materials. Creating useful, beautiful objects out of materials that have been marked for the landfill is what makes us truly happy. We love seeing people using and enjoying what we take pride in creating. Matthew Cortez received a Bachelor's of Architecture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. He uses his background in architecture to help guide his designs, making sure each detail gives every piece a more personal, intimate feel. 


GDS Cloth Goods

GDS was founded to provide ethical and sustainable alternatives to people who appreciate simple modern design. We believe that knowing the makers of our textile goods is as important as understanding the route of food from farm to table. By making products and facilitating workshops at the intersection of design, sustainability and community, it's our mission to contribute to the restoration of our environment and a more equitable fashion and textile industry.



While most people see driftwood on the beach as discarded, lost, or even litter, Adam hears a story. He wonders about where the wood came from and its journey onward. Adam is an Oakland-based artist with a love for breathing new life and energy into old wooden materials that have washed ashore Northern California beaches. Adam’s original work is inspired by things that open the heart–nature, poetry, mindfulness, and love. He also encourages custom designs, and is happy to help your creative idea manifest into a personal and unique piece of art. All of Adam’s pieces are one of a kind, and made locally with sustainable materials that he finds while climbing, hiking and surfing in areas surrounding the San Francisco Bay.

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GURO Designs

Rolend Gumanas is an Oakland-based designer, specializing in the creation of handcrafted items made from salvaged materials of goods like denim, canvas, and leather. Gumanas works in her Downtown Oakland studio space, Werkshack, creating exclusive American handmade accessories, including: duffel bags, tote bags, plant hammocks, dopp kits, and leather key fobs. She visits local factories in search of salvaged materials that typically end up in a landfill and turns them into one-of-a kind, exclusive artisanal accessories.

Jacob Lees Design

At Jason Lees Design we design and build timeless modern furniture that is as functional and livable as it is beautiful. Each piece is handcrafted and built to last in our workshop using the highest quality materials. By combining the warmth of wood with interesting materials and understated details, we build character and individuality into our designs. With its timeless quality, our furniture is comfortable in a variety of settings from the modern to the eclectic to the traditional.

Jacob May Designs

Specialize in producing classic American furniture and accessories that are simple, elegant, and made ethically from sustainable materials. Woodworker and designer, Dave Ball, oversees a small crew of craftsmen who assist him in building his designs into heirloom quality pieces that are guaranteed for life. 

Jess Wainer Glass

Jess designs and creates a limited collection of glass pendant lights. These works are all freehand blown without molds or other reproduction aids and are inspired by the themes and details found in her larger works. Jess draws inspiration from the physical properties of molten glass, its unique optic nature, and the symbolism of transparency and opacity. Her works also have an anthropomorphic quality, drawing their inspiration from the human body as a vessel.

Kanna Woodcraft

Tyler Meeks is the founder of Kanna Woodcraft.  He has a masters degree in architecture from the University of California, Berkeley where much of his work was focused on the relationship between materiality, craftsmanship, and design. He has worked as a designer, carpenter, fabricator, and project manager. Kanna began as an exploration of beauty through material transformation and continues as a practice dedicated to observation, patience, and technique. 

Kay Chesterfield Inc.

Re-upholstery work is performed in our workshop, by hand—and we feel fortunate that we can provide that exceptional level of talent and focus to all our clients. This meticulous attention to detail is a key aspect of our craft and our service. We oversee every part of the process here from start to spectacular finish to insure the exceptional quality you expect.
6365 Coliseum Way, Oakland

Made by Rheal

Natural concrete items for the home.

Melanie Abrantes Designs

Melanie Abrantes Designs is a Bay Area-based producer of handcrafted, heirloom objects. Working with a variety of unique materials, Melanie strives to create products of the highest quality that are equally beautiful and functional. Through the technique of lathing, she turns simple pieces of solid wood and cork into one-of-a-kind bowls, plates, cups and stands. Her passion for woodworking originates from the simple fact that every piece is unique as the material it is made from.

Mostly Modern

Mostly Modern is an Oakland-based furniture design and fabrication studio. We strive to combine the best in design and materials to deliver unique pieces of lasting quality.

[RE Union] Creative

Custom design-build furniture, interiors, and architecture features.


SapphirePIne is the first venture transforming California trees killed by drought and bark beetle into stunning furniture and milled wood products. By showcasing the woods natural blue, orange, and green highlights in our designs, we provide an eco-friendly and design-driven way to transform your home and help California forests at the same time.

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Shannon Hood

Shannon's talents extend to many corners of the art and design world. After receiving her BFA in Communication Arts and a Masters in Product Innovation at Virginia Commonwealth University, Shannon continues to explore different ways to create through a collaboration of skills and materials, finding home in Oakland.


Slow Burn Glass

In 2002, Goldenberg graduated with a B.F.A. in glass from California College of Arts in Oakland. He has trained at Inferno Glass Studio in New Orleans and Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle. Internationally, he has trained in Murano, Italy. It has been his honor to have trained with well-known glass blowers including Dante Marioni, Lino Tagliapietra, Philip Baldwin, and Monica Guggisberg. 

Stumasa, Inc.

Oakland-made custom cabinets, bookcases, tables, and built-ins.

Thermotrope Pottery

Hand-made ceramics from reclaimed and salvaged materials.

Tina Produce

All Tina Produce items are designed, hand screen-printed, and cleverly packaged in Oakland by me, Kristina Basgen, and on occasion a few helpers.

Town and Country Mouse Design

Offering handmade, artist-designed fashion and home accessories. Combining clean, urban lines with natural, rustic, and found materials, this unique collection of one-of-a-kind and bespoke items features leather bags and boxes, paper & woven wire lights, and other quirky and surprising objects. All items are designed and made by artist Gina Telcocci in her West Oakland studio. The hallmarks of Gina's designs are a contemporary sensibility combined with appreciation and respect for traditional techniques, and the importance of making by hand. Sophisticated designs, excellent craftsmanship, and quality materials distinguish everything she makes.Town & Country Mouse Designs are one-of-kind functional designs for humans, elegantly at home in the city or the country.

Umé Studio

Founded by designer/architects Victor Lefebvre and Mei-Lan Tan, UMÉ Studio is a multidisciplinary design practice that blurs the boundaries between art, craft, and experience. We partner with designers and artisans in California, Paris, Kyoto, Ubud and beyond, to draw upon a range of diverse skills, perspectives, and traditions when making our products. Victor and Mei-Lan formed UMÉ Studio after years of working together in architectural practices where they discovered a shared design ethos for materiality, craft, and technique leading to design, rather than the prevailing norm of design informing craft and technique. That same spirit of curiosity, love of fine details, and a willingness to throw out convention, while honoring tradition, informs everything they do today.

Whitney Smith Pottery

They make items that are functional, absolutely beautiful, and a part of every day life.