Eric Blanpied Furniture

Eric Blanpied is a lifelong craftsman, and focuses on creating one-of-a-kind furniture that is both solidly functional and satisfying to live with. His work falls into two major categories: Sculptural, experimental forms combining metal and wood; and Classic, fine furniture built using traditional techniques. Eric enjoys working with a combination of reclaimed/scrap and new materials depending on the project. He is particularly careful about sourcing woods and tends to favor North American hardwoods that represent ethical forestry practices.

Form & Reform

Furniture, lighting, and accessories created by Form & Reform celebrate the flexibility, durability, and simple beauty of iron. Form & Reform uses centuries-old blacksmithing techniques and modern processes to bring out the interesting textures, shapes, and finishes in the material. Each piece is designed by Jon Sarriugarte.

Jacob May

Specialize in producing classic American furniture and accessories that are simple, elegant, and made ethically from sustainable materials. Woodworker and designer, Dave Ball, oversees a small crew of craftsmen who assist him in building his designs into heirloom quality pieces that are guaranteed for life. 

Kay Chesterfield Inc.

Re-upholstery work is performed in our workshop, by hand—and we feel fortunate that we can provide that exceptional level of talent and focus to all our clients. This meticulous attention to detail is a key aspect of our craft and our service. We oversee every part of the process here from start to spectacular finish to insure the exceptional quality you expect. 6365 Coliseum Way, Oakland