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The Good Money Guide

Are you looking for ethical money (capital) to start or grow your business?


Would you like to make sure that the money you receive is from funders that are benefiting our community and environment? If yes, then check our Guide because it was created especially to help businesses like yours learn where and how to access "good local money." 

We break down the different types of capital available, then help you find funders that best fit your needs. 

What Is Good Local Money?

To zero in on funding sources that benefit the local community and align with your mission, this guide includes resources that meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • Locally-based and committed to local reinvestment

  • Adheres to a social and/or environmental mission

  • Enables regular people to invest in their community

  • Avoids harmful or extractive products and activities

  • Creates and/or retains local jobs

In addition to bringing your financing in line with your values, these sources are here to help your bottom line. Many of them...

  • Set terms and requirements to foster the smallest and newest of enterprises

  • Provide individual support and creative solutions to help growing businesses thrive

  • Support borrowers that may be rejected from other forms of financing

  • Let your community support you on the strength of your business idea regardless of your credit or bank balance

The Good Money Guide is intended to help you find funding sources that are more interested in the success of your business than in turning a quick profit - ones that are interested in seeing everyone enjoy a positive triple-bottom line (people, planet, and profit).