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Absinthia’s Bottle Spirits

Absinthia began making absinthe in 1997, ten years before the ban on absinthe was lifted in the US. She is unique in that she not only makes absinthe but embodies it, serves it, and brings energy to the experience of absinthe. Her knowledge of the history of absinthe is extensive, as is her understanding of the palate of today’s connoisseur of cocktail culture. She has carefully crafted her absinthe using certified organic and biodynamic grapes from California, and certified organic herbs – fresh wormwood (artemesia absinthium), star anise, fennel seed, and coriander seed – from an organic farm in Oregon.

Ale Industries

In 2009 Ale Industries set out with a rebellious spirit, an environmentally-conscious endeavor striving to spread the blissful experience of a craft. We unapologetically refuse to let our beers be categorized into styles, types, or profiles because we believe it relegates our vision of craft beer from a verb to a noun, from a spirit to a product. We pioneer brewing technologies to save energy and reduce waste because we understand that investing in the environment will nurture the communities we care about, allowing them to flourish and grow. Oakland, California is our home, where we aim to foster connections with our neighbors and friends. Ale Industries is not just in the business of "producing craft beer." Ale Industries is for the preservation of craft beer and its founding principals: challenging both your and our notion of what beer is, can, or should be.


America’s Best Coffee Roasting Company

Think outside the bag. Are you a chain looking to expand, replace or create your private label line? A coffee company seeking extra resources? A market or café that wants your own line? ...Whatever the project, we've got you covered.

We are veterans in our field with over 25 years of experience. For us, the best part of that is helping others reach their goals. We share our knowledge, expertise and services and make your idea into a successful reality. Custom services include everything you need: Coffee sourcing, roasting, blending, and packaging for both coffee and tea.


Angel Cakes

Angel Cakes is an Oakland-based cupcake bakery serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Visit our bakery, join the cupcake of the month club, place a custom order, or browse our complete menu.

Baia Pasta

We combine the art of traditional Italian pasta making with great American-grown grains and produce short cuts of pasta in 5 different organic flours (durum, whole durum, spelt, whole spelt, and whole khorasan wheat). All we do is dictated by the principles of the Slow Food movement.


Baked by K

Baked by K is your source for fresh, homemade biscotti. These crisp and light biscotti are the perfect hostess gift for the holidays or any time you want to have "a little something" on hand. Our biscotti are more like a cookie without the density of a traditional biscotti. They do not need to be dunked before you take a bite (although they are also delicious dunked!). Our biscotti are generous in size (5-6 inches) and in taste. Each order is made fresh and shipped direct to you or as a gift, just let us know and we will include a gift card.

Bicycle Coffee

Organic coffee, locally roasted, delivered by bicycle.


Café Santana Roasting Company

We provide freshly roasted coffee and green coffee beans from various regions throughout the world. We pridWe provide freshly roasted coffee and green coffee beans from various regions throughout the world. We pride ourselves on only offering only the highest cupping quality bean for your simplest of pleasures.e ourselves on only offering only the highest cupping quality bean for your simplest of pleasures.

The Candy

The Candy is made by Christine Pirrone, a queer artmaking crafting candymaking one woman show living in Oakland. All our products are small batch, made from carefully sourced ingredients. Enjoy!

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Candy Cow Jerky

Small batch beef jerky. We ship anywhere in the US. Local pick ups available.


Circa Pet Food

Holistically-inspired, vet-formulated fresh food for dogs and cats.


Cookiebar Creamery

Housemade ice creams and baked goods.

CORE Foods

We're an Oakland-based not-for-profit on a mission to cultivate a healthier planet by empowering people with nourishing food and honest resources. We make the world's healthiest food and
give formerly incarcerated people a second chance.

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Côte West

Bret is the co-founder and winemaker. Growing up in Carmel Valley he developed an early appreciation for the natural beauty of the California landscape. He received a Masters degree in Viticulture & Enology from UC Davis and got his hands dirty interning at Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars in Napa and Domaine des Comtes Lafon in Meursault Burgundy. Upon returning from France, he set out to combine that tradition-steeped approach with his training at Davis in order to create Old World-style yet undeniably Californian wines. Bret's favorite pairing is Côte West Chardonnay with crab cakes.

Kerrie is the co-founder and wears many hats as la femme d'affaires. She loves Côte West Pinot Noir with boeuf bourguignon. 

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Creative Energy Foods

From product development to production, we make energy bars for our clients in our hundred thousand square foot facility. We have the expertise to create virtually any kind of bar.

Crooked City Cider

Our ciders are crafted in small batches (275 gallons or less) from fresh pressed juice. We purchase unfiltered, raw juice from Apple Hill, near Tahoe. Each batch contains a different blend of apples, sometimes up to nine different types! We do not add any funny business- no sulfites, fining agents, artificial ingredients- only real fruit and ingredients. Once our cider has finished fermenting, we do not filter. Full bodied and super drinkable, sometimes cloudy, sometimes bright. Because of our techniques, each cider we release will be a little different from the last cider released. We enjoy variety and the art of making cider and hope you'll appreciate our small batches as much as we do.


Curbside Creamery

We combine the fun and nostalgia of your hometown ice cream shop with an artisan quality product. We specialize in gourmet takes on classic flavors everyone loves, available in both traditional dairy and cashew-based vegan.

Dashe Cellars

Founded by the husband and wife winemaking team of Michael and Anne Dashe, we are a family-run artisan winery focused on crafting small allotments of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Dry Riesling using Californian and French winemaking techniques. Join us at Dashe Cellars, every first Saturday for live music in the Cellar! 55 4th Street


Debbie Does Cakes

Debbie Does Cakes is a custom sculpted cake studio.We only offer sculpted cakes. A sculpted cake is a cake carved by hand to resemble anything other than cake.We do not offer traditional cakes of any kind.This includes, but is not limited to, tiered cakes, round cakes, sheet cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, etc... By focusing exclusively on what we do best we can offer you something truly custom, this is what makes us different. 


D&H Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Welcome to D&H Ice Cream Dairy-Free, your top choice for ice cream in Oakland, CA and the encompassing territory. We provide an assortment of flavors, including the classics like Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry or unique flavors. We have the ice cream and gelato that you crave. As a successful ice cream shop, we offer the highest quality ice cream and client satisfaction standards in the Oakland area.


Diving Dog Brewhouse

We provide you the recipes, ingredients, and instruction to brew and bottle your own beer. We have over 20 recipes covering all of the major styles. You choose a recipe, brew your beer (while quality testing other beers), and then your beer ferments onsite in a temperature-controlled room for a few weeks (with timing dependent on the style chosen). The beer is then filtered, carbonated, kegged, and ready for your follow-up bottling appointment.

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Donut Farm

Donut Farm's commitment to a vegan recipe is for two reasons:

a) We believe that a vegan diet is the most healthy & sustainable diet for human health & compassionate living.

b) We believe that animals don't need to be involved, bothered, hassled or killed for us humans to exist on the planet.


Donut Savant

Redefining donuts in the East Bay.


Elle Merced Macaroons

French macarons are such elegant sweets to have at your special events, tea party, or to give to someone you love. The two cookies are filled with either flavored buttercream or chocolate ganache. Our macarons are made with best ingredients. The outer crust of the cookie is crunchy and the inside is soft and slightly chewy. Our macaron has just the right amount of sweet that you are going to love. 


Enat Winery

Ethiopian-style honey wines - made from honey, water, and yeast – in a tasting room that includes a bamboo bar.

Endorfin Foods

At Endorfin, we formulate each of our recipes from scratch using the highest quality fine flavor cacao we can find, employing just the right amount of whole food sweeteners, spices, and essential oils to let the brilliance of the ingredients speak for themselves. Our products unite our old school purist ethos with modern technology and craftsmanship.


Everett and Jones

Everett & Jones Barbeque was started by Dorothy Everett with her eight daughters, one son and one son-in-law (Jones) in Oakland, California in 1973. The business continues to grow. The strategy for growth combines professionalizing its business operations while moving into retail food product distribution and expanding the geographical location of its restaurant units. "Today, many of Dorothy's children are at the helm of the business, and a number of her grandchildren are moving into positions of leadership to see the business into the future.


Ex Albis Ulivis Olive Oil

A high quality Italian olive oil company owned by couple, Skyler and Giuseppe. EXAU Olive Oil strives to make the highest quality extra virgin olive oil and deliver it directly to consumers throughout the Bay Area.

Federation Brewing

Federation Brewing is a production brewery and tasting room in the Jack London Square district of Oakland, CA. We make damn good beer for the hard-working, diverse, and slightly mad people of our community and provide a fun, inclusive gathering space for the twin forces of positivity and funk.


Fenton’s Creamery

E.S. Fenton founded our famous creamery in 1894, delivering milk in Oakland by horse drawn wagon. As we celebrate 119 years, it is the ice cream that E.S.’s grandson Melivin introduced to the family dairy that we are best known for. We make our ice cream by hand from recipes created long ago as well as newly innovated flavors.

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The Fortune Cookie Factory

With our doors first opening over 60 years ago in 1957, we are oldest fortune cookie makers in the Bay Area, stretching back 3 generations.

As a small family business, we are one of the very last places in America that still makes fortune cookies by hand. Our mission is to preserve generations of culture, tradition, and craftsmanship. 

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Ghost Town Brewing

West Oakland craft brewer and taproom that is pet and kid friendly, with indoor bike parking and fun games.

Hodo Foods

To us, if food isn’t delicious, it doesn’t matter how healthy it is. That’s why we only make plant-based foods you’ll love, whether you’re a meat eater, a vegan, or anything in between. The Hodo team works hard every day to create the most delicious foods imaginable. And while our flavors are rich and complex, making lunch or dinner with Hodo is simple. Just pop open a package, and you'll have an amazing meal in just minutes (if not seconds!).


Home Base Spirits

Home Base Spirits produces high quality spirits and liqueurs highlighting sustainably farmed grains and California botanicals. Home Base Spirits, a female-owned and sustainable business, believes whiskey should be fun, made with premium ingredients, and accessible for everyone. (Well, everyone over the age of 21.) We strive to be transparent about our process, ingredients, and mission: to celebrate spirits as an agricultural product by both sourcing and producing locally, and to create delicious spirits everyone can enjoy.

House Kombucha

Beyond just making a great tasting and healthy beverage, we are a young, owner-operated, social enterprise. We value quality craftsmanship, health and safety, local economic development, and environmental stewardship. We distribute our kombucha in bottles and kegs through a growing network of coops, neighborhood cafes, offices, popular grocery outlets, and natural food stores.

Impossible Foods

What if meat could come from plants? We took everything we love about meat from animals, and made it even better – by using plants. You won’t believe your mouth!


Independent Brewing Company

Brewery tours can be arranged in advance through Vimbly or by contacting the brewery in advance (we need to ensure someone is available to give the tour at your requested time). Tours are $25/head and yes, beer will be tasted as part of the tour price! If you're in the area and just want to drop-in, feel free (we can't guarantee a tour for drop-ins, but there's always beer). Dogs and kids are welcome.

Industry Coffee Roasters

We're firm believers in high-quality coffee without snobbery. In questions being encouraged and answered in a timely manner. In access to knowledge, resources, and understanding. In coffee making or breaking your day. We're here to help.

James & the Giant Cupcake

Eurydice Manning started James and The Giant Cupcake in the summer of 2008. She had always dreamed of starting her own business and most importantly, putting the magic back into food. Never letting this dream die, a trip to NYC to visit her best friend sparked an interest. Everywhere she went she saw cupcake shops of all kinds- filled with grown-ups. There was a certain childlike excitement that she saw with people eating cupcakes that no other food had done. She wanted to bring that excitement back to the Bay Area, specifically Oakland, her hometown.


La Finca Tortilleria

Our organization is family owned and oriented. All of Mrs. Rocha's children are involved in running the business and majority of the employees have been with the company for more than five years. Our vision is to continue to provide natural and quality products in the Bay Area. Tortillas, corn chips, masa for tamales and tortillas, tostadas and taquitos are staples in the Latin kitchen. We strive to produce quality and natural products that are synonymous with Latin cooking in the Bay Area. We understand that price and quality are important to our consumer base; therefore, we are committed to continuing to make a quality and well priced product. One of our goals is to capture more of the corn chip market by offering outstanding freshness and unparallel homemade taste.


Little Giant Ice Cream

We started Little Giant out of a desire to relive the richness of those experiences with a community we’ve come to cherish. Located in the heart of the East Bay, Little Giant is Oakland’s scoop shop. All of our ingredients are locally sourced from Clover Stornetta Farms in Petaluma.

As a part of the Oakland community, we want to reflect the spirit of the city we inhabit. That means our ever-changing flavor lineup will be determined not only by the ingredients that are in season, but by customer demand. Fully open to public viewing, you can watch our team craft new flavors weekly.

Maison Bouche

For our artisanal chocolates, both the dark and milk chocolates are the result of careful blending of the finest and smoothest fair trade chocolates, selected for both taste and texture. The result is a luscious base, which is a perfect pillow for the sophisticated complements, both savory and sweet. For our pastries, we use only European style butter and unbleached flours which give our desserts both richness and fine texture.


Our mission is simple - create gluten-free baked goods that are indiscernible from the finest, high-caliber gluten-based products available. We have a passion for the baked goods we make, the creative journey we’re on, and the communities we serve. 5427 Telegraph Ave, Unit D3

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Merritt Bakery

Welcome to the Merritt Bakery, where you can find the best in gourmet cakes for any special occasion - weddings, anniversaries, company celebrations, birthday parties, holidays and more... We bring you great taste, elegance and variety - suitable for any special event.

Michael Mischer Chocolates

Perfect to enjoy with a bottle of red wine. These chocolate bars are made with single-origin chocolate of Grand Cru quality from Venezuela or Ecuador. They also offer filled chocolates and gift box assortments which make great stocking stuffers.


Miette started at the Berkeley Farmers' Market in the fall of 2001 with a passion for cakes & pastry, Meg's influences range from candy shop windows in Vienna to the wild blackberries growing on her island home. Being located in Northern California provides the finest and freshest ingredients in the world, coming from local, family-owned farms and mills, which are, whenever possible, organic, and sustainably produced. Miette is the French word for "crumb," and aptly describes the scale of our petite pastries and minimal decoration. 

Outside of San Francisco, there is a small shop connected to the bakery in Oakland and a boutique store recently opened in Larkspur Landing.


Mosswood Spirits

We meticulously sample spirits from around the world. We seek to fill a niche in spirits through our techniques. We source spirits from mission and value driven companies, that have honed their craft and developed efficient systems.

With taste as our highest priority, our blends can vary in order to maintain utmost quality. When our offerings inspire collaboration, we work closely with partners to customize blends under our palate's framework.

Mr. Espresso

Today, Mr Espresso has grown into a Bay Area institution – as a quality roaster and an established provider of espresso equipment, service, and training to a sizable share of coffeehouses and restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Mr. Espresso continues to be family-owned and operated with two generations of Di Ruoccos working together in the Oakland showroom and roasting facility to ensure that what we began over 30 years ago will endure.



Tell us your pet's weight, age, activity level, and any health issues. Choose one of our many recipes and complete your profile in minutes. We provide free nutrition consultations to ensure your pet's needs are met. Everything is made fresh to order every week, from whole, restaurant-quality ingredients, and never frozen. We inspect every ingredient and if it doesn't meet our standard, it doesn't make it into your pet's bowl. No scooping, no defrosting, no guesswork. Meals are perfectly portioned based on Dr. Shmalberg's recommendations, and are measured and sealed in their own bags.


Novel Brewing Co

Novel Brewing Company is a narrative about who we are, where we've been, and what the future holds. The story is told through the art and science of brewing beer, and the careful curation of artisan snack foods for our local community. Within the pages of Novel Brewing Company are chapters that will be written by our taproom patrons. These chapters will provide nourishment for new stories and the development of new characters. The scenes will extend beyond the boundaries of the brewery and spill into the surrounding neighborhoods, quenching the thirsts of long time friends, sidekicks, and newly discovered cohorts. It is the mission of Novel Brewing Company to help sustain a sense of connectedness through beer, food, and community.


Oakland Coffee

All of our single-serve roasts are developed to have the same smooth, full-bodied characteristics that you love from a cup of freshly ground drip coffee, while fine tuned to work best in single-serve machines. Each roast comes in BPI certified compostable soft-pods. The single-serve pods are able to deliver a delicious, robust cup of coffee every time. 


Oakland Dust

The story of Oakland Dust goes back to when I was a child, sitting shotgun outside Flints BBQ in my pop’s idling ’75 Cutlass. Ahh those carefree summer days, the sports legend Bill King on the radio, the scent of mesquite fueled smoke billowing from above. Pop’s would roll to Flints on Shattuck Avenue just about every Sunday, pick-up a full slab, hot links and extra wonder bread to soak up all that goodness. By the time we made it home my lips were smoking hot with half the links already in my belly. And so began my love affair with all foods. I created Oakland Dust for my love of food and for the city I proudly call home, Oakland.

Oakland Spirits Company

Craft brandy and gin produced and bottled in Oakland.

Oaktown Spice Shop

Our spice blends are signature recipes, hand-mixed in the shop using our freshly ground spices. Some, like our Santa Fe Chili Powder, are our versions of well-known favorites, while others, such as the Grand Lake Shake or Umami Sea Salt, are our own inventions, born of curiosity and adventures in the kitchen.

We focus on sourcing the absolute best-tasting version of each individual spice that we can find, which entails working with hundreds of different importers. We grind spices ourselves, in our shop, every week or two. This means the ground spices customers find at Oaktown are bursting with flavor and are far fresher than those found elsewhere.

OCHO Candy

We created OCHO Candy to make delicious, organic alternatives of our fave candy bars. Using the finest ingredients, we craft our bars with house-made, small batch fillings - a difference you can taste in every bite. We are excited to debut our subscription program! Now our loyal fans will never have to worry about being short on candy for their loved ones and friends.

Old Kan Beer & Co

James and Adam met in 2010, sparking a collaboration beer for his Lao Issan eatery, Hawker Fare. The result, “Superfly”, was a rice beer brewed with aromatic lemongrass and shiso leaf, specifically designed to accompany the cuisine. Finding a shared approach in the pursuit of clarity and excellence through simplicity, the two partnered up to open The Dock in 2014, which has since grown to become Old Kan Beer & Co. James currently oversees all food operations while leaving the brewing expertise to Adam.

Original Pattern Brewing Company

Original Pattern Brewing Company is an award winning employee owned brewery and tasting room in Oakland, California. Our mission is to build a brewery and tasting room that focuses meticulously on quality and freshness, where we can personally share our beers directly with the local community. With a love for the science and art of fermentation, you will always find something new and interesting on tap. We are pleased to announce that we took home a Silver Medal at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival for our Belgian Dubbel, Call of the Void in the other Belgian-Style Ale category.

Peerless Coffee & Tea

As a Yugoslavian immigrant settling in Oakland in 1920, John Vukasin had a dream to establish a custom gourmet coffee roaster that combined European style coffees with guaranteed freshness and impeccable service. In 1924, he created the Peerless Coffee Company to supply local hotels and restaurants with only the highest quality of roasted coffees. Soon, his reputation for perfection spread, making Peerless Coffee much sought after by the restaurant and retail industry throughout the East Bay. Along with its unparalleled quality, Peerless Coffee Company was backed by a dedicated team of roasters and packers who prided themselves on first-rate customer service. This combination of top-notch product and outstanding service continues to be the hallmark of the Peerless Coffee & Tea.



Our pies are vibrant, complex, and satisfying because every recipe starts with this point of view: that the best food experiences are created from the masterful application of simple ingredients.


Prickly Pig

Prickly Pig is a gourmet food company based in Oakland, California. The company, a producer of small batch and unique blend of Northern and Southern Carolina style barbecue sauce and rubs, began with a pork sandwich at a party in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco, California. Karen Kilkenny, founder of the Prickly Pig, and a group of close friends made it a ritual to celebrate special occasions with a 'pork sandwich party.' These close-knit parties attended by Karen's foodie friends inspired sauce recipes, innovative pulled pork sandwiches and more. Karen found that her friends and family loved what she was creating so she decided to bottle up her sauce and dry rub. Today, keep an eye out for the Prickly Pig Barbecue Sauce and Dry Rubs in stores throughout the United States.

Red Bay Coffee

Red Bay Coffee is a quality-focused roaster of fine coffee based in the Fruitvale District in Oakland. Every day we strive to develop beautiful coffees, fair relations, and delicious approaches to living. 


Revolution Foods

We make great tasting, healthy food that is kid-inspired, chef-crafted™. Revolution Foods was ranked the #1 healthiest school meal provider out of all companies studied in the competitive landscape. Providing healthy school meals has a positive correlation to students' academic outcomes. Investing in healthy school meal programs is one of the least expensive intervention methods to set our youth up for success.


Rhetoric Coffee

Whole bean coffee is within it's prime from 3 - 17 days after roast, which is a perfect two week shipping window. We send your next batch just as you're finishing the last. So you never run out or have to think about it again!

Our undivided attention to every single batch of beans means we control the variables, resulting in very special, extremely delicious coffee.

It allows us to experiment with methods of roasting and blending like melange (mixing multiple roast levels; combining light, medium, and dark all at once!), which gives us wonderfully complex flavors you won't find anywhere else.


Rhizocali Tempeh

Our tempeh is a delicious, easily digestible vegan protein that can be cooked in all your favorite recipes.

Roses’ Taproom

Brewing everything from classic provincial beer styles like crisp Kolsch and floral Saison to experimental offerings like Toasted Coconut Porter with lime wedge and pink Belgian Golden Strong Ale brewed with hibiscus and pink peppercorn, it's our goal to continuously surprise and excite beer drinkers and expose non-beer drinkers to this ancient, magical beverage that sits at a perfect intersection of art and science. Our human scale brewery housed within Roses' allows us to be exceedingly playful and experimental in our recipe design, while ensuring that every beer offered is presented at the peak of freshness and perfectly presented. Brewing in a relatively small 7 barrel brewhouse - about 215 gallons per batch - allows us access to ingredients either impractical or inaccessible on a wholesale model, such as seasonal fruits, fresh gruit herbs, and unique cultivated yeast strains.

Salt Point Seaweed

We believe the best things come from nature. Inspired by the abundance and diversity of local California seaweed species and frustrated by the high carbon footprint of importing seaweed from halfway around the world, we started Salt Point Seaweed in Spring 2017. Named after a special place that embodies the pristine and rugged nature of the northern California coastline, our company is proud to offer the highest quality seaweed from the ocean to your plate. Salt Point Seaweed is a three-woman team: Tessa Emmer, Catherine O'Hare, and Avery Resor.


SloJoy Coffee

We roast our own coffee so we can brew it by hand in a cup we handwrite notes on so you can walk away with a bit more joy.


We’ve blended small-farm tea leaves with organic botanicals and herbs, creating vibrant and complex flavor profiles that are vegan and lightly sweet. We're proud to be a Benefit Corporation: every bottle supports grants for Bay Area arts and justice non-profits.


Sweet Belly

Good old delicious ice cream and donuts. Our soft-serve ice cream is 100% all natural, made in house with high quality ingredients and made fresh daily. The super cute mini donuts are made fresh to order and warm to you. 

Don't forget to grab some cookies for your friends and family. We hope you enjoy our little treats. Stop by for delicious made-to-order mini donuts and all natural soft serve ice cream.


Temescal Brewing

Temescal's own production brewery, tasting room, and beer garden.

Timeless Coffee Roasters

The all vegan coffee roastery, bakery, and chocolatier. Since 2012.

Tsalt Seasonings

Each blend of Tsalt Seasoning contains Jamts salt, formed over 250 million years ago below the mountain range of Mongolia. This Mongolian salt contains 84 different minerals that help nourish the human body. Tsalt Seasonings is a product of passion, culture and love for the culinary arts. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 3.31.25 PM.png

Two Mile Wines

We make great wines.  Really great wines.  We don't spend our time writing manifestos, but we do believe that wine should be about what it is, and not what it isn't.  And our wine is about solid, endearing, but not overly-extracted fruit; great structure, so you can drink them with food (yes, food!); just the right amount of oak (that is, not enough to get anywhere close to being in the way of the wine); and unique grapes and grape-growers who treat their land like it's your land (not in a bullshit, greenwashing kind of way, but people who actually grow naturally and biodynamically).  

That being said, what you like or don't like is up to you... not a book or an instructor or a reviewer, and we make what we like to drink.  We drink quite a bit of it.

Uhuru Pies

All Uhuru Pies are fresh-baked with quality, natural ingredients. Uhuru Pies are found at local markets, pop-ups, festivals and in stores. Browse the selections and start your order to choose your size, pickup/delivery location and other options.

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 3.27.25 PM.png

Urban Legend Cellars

Rules be damned. Listen to your palate. Not someone else's. If you want to serve red wine with ahi, do it! If you prefer to aerate rather than decant, who are we to argue? If you like sipping white wine from a martini glass, be our guest. It's your tastes that drive our choices – and why we're so very meticulous about our craftsmanship. We're doing something remarkable with wine here. We're listening. 


Vegan Donut Gelato

Vegan Donut Gelato's mission is to make plant-based lifestyle mainstream. We want a peaceful and sustainable world where there is no exploitation of any being in any way, a world where all the inhabitant including the animals are free to exist in their own right.

We are taking necessary steps to be one of the most sustainable Eateries. Our first priority is focusing on serving the masses with Vegan Donuts and Gelato without sacrificing the taste, texture, and your wallet because we don't believe that plant based foods/desserts should be expensive.

Vivid Foods

Vivid products contain the freshest organic produce available, all sourced from local farmers. We carefully prepare these fine ingredients – including whole vegetables, delicate herbs, and fresh spices – to create flavors that are at once irresistible and unexpected.

Wooden Table Baking Co.

Wooden Table Baking Co. is an Oakland-based bakery, dedicated to crafting the finest Argentinian treats. We've been making our alfajores and bonbons from scratch with high quality, all natural ingredients since 2011. We use locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible and our flour, granulated sugar, cornstarch, chocolate, potato starch and tapioca starch are all non-GMO. Argentineans show love with food, and that’s our company’s goal. Nothing makes us happier than family and friends eating together. Creating community one cookie at a time.

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 3.19.22 PM.png

Woods Beer Co.

We’re a crew of creative brewers, adventurous drinkers, unique Bay Area bars, and a proud part of California’s inspiring community of makers, chefs, artists, and business owners.

Our beers and bars are explorations close to home: welcoming but unexpected, made to share, and deeply rooted here. We’re fueled by where—and who—we are. Beer brings us together, at the bar and in the brewery. At Woods, were as proud of our brews as of the folks who make it.

Woop Woop Fine Foods

Our gluten-free products are made primarily of organic ingredients sourced from California purveyors. We use the least processed ingredients we can to make our cookies, such as organic evaporated cane juice, pure maple syrup, and a gluten-free flour blend that is free of GMO’s and many common allergens such as, potatoes, soy and corn. Our dried fruits, seeds and nuts come from organic California farms and our organic, free-range eggs come from local farmers markets.


Wright & Brown Distilling Co.

At Wright & Brown Distilling Co. we return to traditional methods to create exciting new California spirits that will stand the test of time. At the heart of our process is a classical American made artisan copper pot still which we use to handcraft each small batch. We seek out the most high-quality and flavorful non-GMO malted grains, molasses and wine.  We work with locally grown, sustainably farmed, organic grains whenever possible. We carry out every step of the spirits making process in house, from milling the grain to mashing, fermenting, distilling, barrel-aging and bottling.