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Aesthetic Metals

Fabrication of custom made commercial and residential projects. Through our progressive supply chain we strive to deliver most innovative and durable material and its components for your project in all of the following needs: stainless steel railings, cable railings, glass railings and balustrades, sunscreen stands and fronts.



Automatic Arts

Automatic Arts offers precision cutting and fabrication for the arts and industry. Before opening Automatic Arts, we spent 10 years producing and distributing a consumer products brand that was sold in hundreds of stores worldwide, including Design Within Reach, SF Moma, The Gardener, and Uncommon Goods. In the beginning, we outsourced all manufacturing, but as time went on we found that it was more efficient to do production work in-house. In fact, we enjoyed this side of the business so much that in 2015 we decided to focus full-time on providing our services to other companies and creators. It has been an exciting three years and we look forward to many more.


Berland Design

We specialize in woodworking and metal fabrication services, as well as innovative design solutions. Each project is unique and crafted with the highest quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, no matter the size. The client's vision guides the entire design process.


Blank and Cables

Blank and Cables is a full service design and manufacturing company with a state of the art facility housing specialized manual and CNC production machinery. Specializing in detailed architecture, metals, and furniture production, Blank and Cables works closely with high end architects and designers to cater to discerning clientele.

Blank and Cables is fully licensed and bonded to perform work in the state of California both in the residential and commercial sector.

Chris French Metal

CFM is a full service shop offering consultation, design, shop drawings, fabrication, finish work, and custom patina as well as delivery and installation. We facilitate extensive coordination with architects, engineers, designers, and other building trades. License No.: 809801

Coker Pump & Equipment Company

 We fabricate, assemble, repair, engineer, and retrofit existing pump systems. Our experienced technicians can design pumps of many varieties, including centrifugal, vacuum, metering, and submersible pumps. We also engineer and construct positive displacement pumps, including rotary lobe, air operated, high pressure, and gear pumps. 1055 3rd Street

DEKA Custom Fabrication

We are driven by the pursuit of bold ideas that inspire us and empower our clients. This devotion to client collaboration and artistic partnership sparks the fire of creativity in every aspect of our practice, from the first mouse click to the last bolt. Our diverse team includes architects, programmers, artists, and fabricators; making us uniquely qualified to bring ideas to life. We thrive on helping people define and realize their vision in an exciting and efficient way. DEKA takes care of everything through detailing, fabrication, and project management. Additionally, we remove the hurdles throughout the entire Percent For Public Art process with our end-to-end solutions. Service Offering - Proposal Brief - Design Development - Artist Communication and Selection - Fabrication and Installation - Maintenance Planning.


Prototypes are created with precision, setting the standard for finished-product realism as the technology makes it possible for users to create parts with extremely thin print layers, complex shapes, high resolution, fine details, and smooth finished surfaces. Plus, users have the option of printing multiple material properties in a single build cycle. 

Graywrx Fabrication

4,000 sq. ft. West Oakland shop is rooted in old world metal work.  We handle all types of metal fabrication, machining, production fabrication, CAD Design and kinetic electrical mechanical work.  From general welding to highly specialized welding, processes include: TIG, MIG, and oxy acetalene. 

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Independent Machine Works

We’re a small shop focused on producing quality work on a wide range of projects and disciplines.We can handle small-scale custom repair or replacement jobs – when you need a custom bolt for that machine they don’t make parts for anymore or you’re looking for someone to arc the brakes on your vintage cafe racer.

We can also handle large-scale design projects – like creating a custom, automated, 3-ton, hydraulic coffee-ground press designed to triple the speed of an existing workflow.


IronGrain is a custom design and fabrication shop based in Oakland, CA. We are a group of artisans, design geeks, tool fanatics, and craftspeople who believe metal dust and wood shavings are the perfect accessory to any outfit. With sustainability built into the design and fabrication process, we continue to be conscious of our use of materials. We generate very little waste in our shop, and when scrap metal or lumber is generated, we take care to reuse or recycle these materials. 


Mean Machine Inc

If you use or ever need precision machined parts then you need to be talking to us - why? Simply put, we are unique amongst precision machining companies. Our resources, capabilities and experience are unrivaled in the area. We service the needs of a wide range of industries. By providing rapid response to RFQs, short lead times and right first time Quality, we ensure the customers’ costs of doing business are minimized. By employing the latest in CNC machining equipment, expert programming and rigorous quality procedures we maximize efficiency and eliminate waste so we are able to offer competitive prices.


Neza Iron Works

Architectural Metal & Security Fences. Hand Rails, Window guards, Security Doors, Fences & Gates, Repair Services,Automatic Gates. Free Estimates.


Nine and Eye

Nine & Eye is a design, branding and fabrication studio. As an agency we focus on the development of creative ideas to arrive at interesting design solutions.

We provide a wide range of services, bridging the gap between designer and fabricator. Our design studio and fabrication shop are located in the same facility, enabling for a smooth and efficient workflow. From conception to drawings, to fabrication and installation, we strive to deliver the highest quality to our customers.

Nor-Cal Metal Fabricators

 We do custom fabrication, prototyping, production runs, telecom, and architectural in a variety of materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze and various alloys. From small individual parts to large assemblies our capabilities include design (Pro/E), laser cutting, waterjet cutting, punching, forming, rolling, welding, finishing, and powder coating. 1121 3rd Street.

Pfunder Metalwerks

A custom metal fabricator for commercial and residential clients in the Bay Area. We take pride in manufacturing high quality items with meticulous attention to detail, and specialize in architectural elements, tables, and furniture. We work with a variety of metal including aluminum, steel, bronze, brass, and stainless steel, which is often incorporated with wood, concrete, and glass components.


We are a respected name in the Foundry supply industry. Established in 1978, we are among the leading suppliers of quality foundry and refractory products. Our product line consists of: Binders, Sands, Refractory Coatings, Riser Sleeves, Crucibles, Abrasives, Ferro Alloys, Filters, Graphite, Brass & Bronze Alloys, Aluminum Alloys, and a complete line of refractory products. We represent manufacturers of quality products to the metal casting industry and provide complete customer service to all of our patrons.


Serratos Iron Works

Iron fencing and gate fabrication and services.

Sheet Metal Alchemist

A full-service fabrication company that is crazy about design.  We primarily work with marketing agencies, event production agencies, and architects to create something seemingly impossible in short time frames. We help you win more clients by working with you to develop new concepts, supporting your pitches with renders, producing timelines, and iterating based upon changing budgets. 


Functional Steel Objects by Staci Southwick

FSO uses metal, wood and other materials to create modern designs for commercial and residential spaces.


Yzzo Studios

Yzzo Studios is a custom metal fabrication studio specializing in functional yet artistic pieces. From commercial spaces to fine homes, our works beautify spaces while providing functionality, comfort, safety, storage, and security.