Ace Monster Toys Makerspace

We have a wide variety of parts and components available to members to incorporate into their designs. Need to use a variable bench power supply to test your stuff? We have one that was made right at AMT. Need a few dozen LEDs? Not a problem. How’s about a USB step-up module? A handful are always available. You could build projects just based on the parts available.

Form & Reform

Industrial meets Modern Luxe — Warm lighting, hand forged steel, clean lines and big impressions are what make our lights so alluring. We shape the metal using traditional blacksmithing methods, and wire it with modern lighting technology, which gives each light a timeless look that's energy conscious.


These beautiful and environmentally friendly LSTN Headphones are made from reclaimed wood sourced from furniture and flooring companies. Choose from the variety of wood choices, and I would love to steampunk them for you.

The World Of Justin Gray

Justin Gray is highly active in the world of electric vehicles including custom high-powered electric motorcycles, having built over 35 different custom electric vehicles over the last eight years including 22 high-powered lithium Ion battery-powered motorcycles for various clients including two prototype electric motorcycles that have since gone into production with Tiger Motors.