Aleksandra Zee

Oakland based Woodworker, Aleksandra Zee builds large and small scale intricate wooden wall hangings, headboards, and table tops. With a degree in Fine Arts, Zee has built a full time career in making art as a living. From trips to the desert, spending time in front of the ocean, and being out amongst the trees, Zee draws her inspiration from travel and being heavily rooted in the past. 

Barrett Woodworking

Since 1981, I have been working with clients throughout the Bay Area who are looking for high-quality custom furniture and cabinetry. I have a wide range of experience working with architects, contractors and individuals on commercial projects. Let's discuss your custom woodworking project. david@davidbarrettwoodworking.com


Chris French Metal, Inc.

Chris French Metal is a design driven fabrication firm specializing in highly crafted architectural metal. CFM is a team of designers and fabricators with diverse backgrounds. CFM is a full service shop offering consultation, design, shop drawings, fabrication, finish work and custom patina as well as delivery and installation. We facilitate extensive coordination with architects, engineers, designers and other building trades. Our shop is committed to offering each client a unique experience within the field of custom metal; providing straightforward customer service with artistic vision, superior technical skill, craftsmanship and execution.

Coyote Signs

I use and promote sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic, and environmentally appropriate sign materials. Crafstmanship adds value. I carve, gild with 23K gold, sandblast, paint, computer cut, digitally print, and silkscreen signs. Design comes first. You have to have a great design to make a great sign. I can work from your existing artwork, or create logos and designs for you. info@coyotesigns.com

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Emerald Steel Company

Founded in 2006, Emerald Steel Inc. fabricates, installs and supplies structural and miscellaneous steel for residential and commercial construction projects throughout the San Francisco, Bay Area. Our specialty is seismic retrofit projects—we take on the toughest, most complex jobs and have the expertise and resources to handle any project.

We also work closely with general contractors on a range of Design-Build projects, with an emphasis on custom, high-end homes. Our reputation for superior quality and accuracy ensures that most of our business comes from repeat customers and client referrals. When you work with us you can be sure we’ll go the extra mile to earn your confidence and exceed your expectations.

Form & Reform

Industrial meets Modern Luxe — Warm lighting, hand forged steel, clean lines and big impressions are what make our lights so alluring. We shape the metal using traditional blacksmithing methods, and wire it with modern lighting technology, which gives each light a timeless look that's energy conscious. orders@formandreform.com


Helios Glass Art

Helios Art Glass is an architectural stained glass studio located in Oakland, California. We work closely with contractors, churches, preservationists, designers, and homeowners in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond. We provide sensitive restoration, museum level conservation, graceful designs, and affordable stained glass window repairs. Consultations and estimates are free.


Joinery Structures

Founded in 1988, Joinery Structures is a design-build studio and mill specializing in custom projects that integrate sustainable wood practices, innovative design, and precision craftsmanship.

Joinery Structures is locally and globally recognized for its ability to design and build beautiful spaces and innovative structures. With thoughtful project management, the Joinery Structures team exhibits exceptional skill and knowledge in design, wood milling, construction, and eco-sustainability.

Joinery Structures selects reclaimed timbers from the local urban forest for all of its projects, which are stored and milled at its facility in Oakland, CA.

Kay Chesterfield Inc.

Re-upholstery work is performed in our workshop, by hand—and we feel fortunate that we can provide that exceptional level of talent and focus to all our clients. This meticulous attention to detail is a key aspect of our craft and our service. We oversee every part of the process here from start to spectacular finish to insure the exceptional quality you expect. 6365 Coliseum Way, Oakland

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Lenehan Architectural Glass

Dorothy Lenehan founded Lenehan Architectural Glass in 1995 after a years-long tenure with Narcissus Quagliata’s acclaimed glass studio in Oakland, including 10 years as studio manager. While with Quagliata, Lenehan executed several major internationally acclaimed architectural works and served as technical advisor for large glass installations in galleries around the world. As technical advisor she is responsible for all aspects of gallery installation project management including, budget, transportation of artwork, hiring contractors and removal at the end of the exhibition.

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MòZ Designs

We are your resource for architectural metals. With over 25 years of custom fabrication experience, we are a one-stop-shop providing turnkey solutions to your design challenges.

Our innovative materials and products, custom solutions and dedication to customer service help architects and designers achieve their design intent on time and on budget.

We help the architecture and design community every step of the way; from conceptual design through installation. We can take any metal product from beginning to end.

Nzilani Glass Conservation

Nzilani Glass Conservation is one of the few companies in the United States qualified to conserve historical glass works. It is known for its surveys and ability to provide one-stop treatments (including window removal, transportation, conservation, restoration, and reinstallation).


Ponoko Laser Cutting

We make beautiful custom products In Oakland. Ponoko supplies an online laser cutting service from our making studio in Oakland to turn your designs to custom products for businesses and agencies.



We provide beautiful, sustainable packaging that reflects the quality of your products and the brand identity of your company. We create innovative, customized solutions for your individual needs. We seek to establish long-term relationships with clients, so they have a reliable, consistent partner for all their packaging for the life of their business. We love to align with passionate, like-minded people allowing for ease and flow of business and exchange of ideas all working towards fulfilling your needs and goals. We are your open source for info, guidelines, and education. We believe in challenging the status quo by designing, manufacturing, and distributing inventive packaging made with sustainable materials.

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Super Jugoso

We bring delicious to your door. With Super Jugoso, running a bar is simpler than ever! Beverage costs become predictable and inconsistency becomes a thing of the past. Our offerings represent the most accurate expression of the ingredients your guests hope to enjoy: pitch-perfect building blocks made by bartenders with cocktails in mind. Let us do the heavy lifting. 

With over 50 syrups in our repertoire, our ingredients can provide the foundation for any cocktail program, capturing the truest expression of the flavor you’re looking for. Our spectrum runs from the basics to the arcane and everything in between. Always made fresh, never the mess. 

Our lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange juice is fresh-squeezed and delivered daily prior to service.



Trade show displays and store fixtures.


Vaida Metals Sculpting

Jamie Vaida creates custom sculptural art from a variety of metals. His work is elegant, graceful, and often functional by design. With a foundation in placement and use; these contemporary, organic forms are handcrafted to compliment and flow with the unique aesthetic of their environment. Personality and adaptability are key elements for designing and fabricating pieces that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Vaida has spent his life dedicated to perfecting his trade. His work showcases expert crafting with metals such as copper and stainless steel. He particularly enjoys incorporating recycled, discarded or re-used metals and found objects into his projects to give new purpose to the materials. Vaida seeks to unearth the beauty of any given piece by molding and manipulating raw metals until their full potential is realized.