Aleksandra Zee

Oakland based Woodworker, Aleksandra Zee builds large and small scale intricate wooden wall hangings, headboards, and table tops. With a degree in Fine Arts, Zee has built a full time career in making art as a living. From trips to the desert, spending time in front of the ocean, and being out amongst the trees, Zee draws her inspiration from travel and being heavily rooted in the past. 

Barrett Woodworking

Since 1981, I have been working with clients throughout the Bay Area who are looking for high-quality custom furniture and cabinetry. I have a wide range of experience working with architects, contractors and individuals on commercial projects. Let's discuss your custom woodworking project. david@davidbarrettwoodworking.com

Coyote Signs

I use and promote sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic, and environmentally appropriate sign materials. Crafstmanship adds value. I carve, gild with 23K gold, sandblast, paint, computer cut, digitally print, and silkscreen signs. Design comes first. You have to have a great design to make a great sign. I can work from your existing artwork, or create logos and designs for you. info@coyotesigns.com

Form & Reform

Industrial meets Modern Luxe — Warm lighting, hand forged steel, clean lines and big impressions are what make our lights so alluring. We shape the metal using traditional blacksmithing methods, and wire it with modern lighting technology, which gives each light a timeless look that's energy conscious. orders@formandreform.com

Kay Chesterfield Inc.

Re-upholstery work is performed in our workshop, by hand—and we feel fortunate that we can provide that exceptional level of talent and focus to all our clients. This meticulous attention to detail is a key aspect of our craft and our service. We oversee every part of the process here from start to spectacular finish to insure the exceptional quality you expect. 6365 Coliseum Way, Oakland

Nzilani Glass Conservation

Nzilani Glass Conservation is one of the few companies in the United States qualified to conserve historical glass works. It is known for its surveys and ability to provide one-stop treatments (including window removal, transportation, conservation, restoration, and reinstallation).