New website, new leadership

Welcome to the new Oakland Grown website! In June 2017, Oakland Grown elected a new board and resettled headquarters in the offices of the East Bay Express. By August, you will see a robust marketing campaign, new membership and sponsor packages, a calendar of events, and more. Below, is a list of just some of the new initiatives underway from Oakland Grown!

  • Small business reporting, profiles, events calendar
  • High profile, sustained marketing campaign 
  • Training, workshops, seminars, networking events
  • Peer-to-peer business owner support groups
  • Fundraising for Oakland-based nonprofits
  • Galleries of Oakland’s artists, artisans, makers
  • Neighborhood, industry specific, regional events
  • Loyalty and rewards programs for consumers 
  • Co-marketing partnerships with local organizations
  • Hub for small business resources
  • Connection with local, indie business service providers
  • Community engagement & volunteerism
  • Guides to promote members and inform consumers
  • Advocacy for alternative, progressive business models