About Oakland Grown

Inspired by similar efforts around the country, Oakland Grown is a program of the Sustainable Business Alliance. The Oakland Grown program steering committee is comprised of local business owners, artists, and engaged citizens committed to strengthening Oakland’s local economy, social well being, and unique sense of place. Our vision includes the creation of a permanent local network that:

  • Supports the growth and development of locally owned and independently operated businesses and local artists in Oakland
  • Encourages local purchasing by residents, businesses, and artists
  • Creates opportunities for business owners and artists to network and share best practices
  • Advocates for public policies that strengthen independent local businesses and artists, and helps level the economic playing field

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Contact Us

Oakland Grown
A Program of the Sustainable Business Alliance
620 3rd St.
Oakland, CA 94607
Email: hello at oaklandgrown dot org
Google Voice: 510/516.0653


Note that we’re volunteer run and don’t have an actual office with office hours, so while we promise to respond quickly, we may not be available the second you call or email. :-) Thanks for your understanding!